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Is That Bump On Your Toe A Bunion? How To Tell And What You Can Do

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Bunions occur when your big toe is pushed in towards the other toes and the bone below pushes out, causing pain in the foot. The bone that protrudes begins to rub on all of your shoes and can cause even more severe pain. The toes that are being squished together can also be in pain as well. If you have this painful bump on your foot, it could be a bunion. Read More»

When Should You See A Podiatrist

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Pain or discomfort in your lower limbs can be a significant obstacle to enjoying your everyday life. This issue may be a result of underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and prior injuries. An experienced podiatrist is proficient in all matters concerning your foot health. They will work to get to the root of the problem and recommend various treatment options for you.  Your foot doctor will focus on just your feet after assessing your entire limb structure from the hip downwards. Read More»

Why Are Your Feet Hurting? What You Can Do

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If your feet are hurting you, it can make even mundane tasks uncomfortable and painful. Your foot pain may be caused by a number of things, including wearing the wrong shoes, an injury that has gone untreated, or a foot issue that needs to be treated. If your feet are hurting you, you need to do something about it to take care of this problem so you aren’t in constant pain. Read More»