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Is That Bump On Your Toe A Bunion? How To Tell And What You Can Do

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Bunions occur when your big toe is pushed in towards the other toes and the bone below pushes out, causing pain in the foot. The bone that protrudes begins to rub on all of your shoes and can cause even more severe pain. The toes that are being squished together can also be in pain as well. If you have this painful bump on your foot, it could be a bunion. A bunion can sometimes be treated without surgery, though you may need to have surgery depending on the severity of the bunion's condition. Read on for some treatment and things you can do to help treat this foot problem.

Wear More Comfortable Shoes

Your shoes may be causing you to have bunions in the first place. If they fit too tightly around the toes, they may leave your toes squished. Look for shoes that are made for wide feet to give you more room. If your toes are being squished because the heel is too high, it can also cause this problem, as too much pressure is put on the toes. Instead, wear shoes with a low heel. If your shoes don't have enough support in them it can also leave you with bunions or other foot issues. Adding inserts in your shoes offers you even more support to support the toe, heel, and arch of the foot.

Pull Your Toe Back Into Place

You may be able to wrap your toe with kinesiology tape to gently pull your toe back into place. Wrap the tape around your big toe and around the foot to give it a gentle pull. With time, it may pull the toe back into place and offer relief for the other toes that are being squished. A splint may also help pull your toe into place.

Rest Your Feet

While your foot is healing, you need to make sure you give both of them time to heal. Be sure to rest your feet and put them up as needed after a long day as this allows them to heal better. Elevate your feet and use heat or ice to ease pain or swelling.

If you have a bump on the side of your toe, it could be a bunion. If you suspect you have this condition, and you have pain in your feet daily, you should make an appointment with a podiatrist. They can provide more information regarding bunion treatment