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What You May Be Able To Do To Reverse A Bunion

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Bunions can be a painful foot disorder that usually affects the side of the bone on the big toe, but it can also appear on the side of the pinkie toe. If you have a bone protrusion on either side of your foot, it may be a bunion. If it's painful or rubs on your shoes when you walk, you need to go to the podiatrist for treatment and a proper diagnosis. If it's a bunion, there may be things you can do to help reverse the bump on your own with some changes. Read on for helpful information.

Wear Shoes That Fit

Your shoes may not fit properly, and this is what may have caused your bunion in the first place. Wearing shoes that are too tight, or shoes that are too large can cause friction and lead to a bunion. Shoes that force your feet forward can also cause a bunion to protrude from your foot. Overall, you should wear shoes that properly fit your foot and don't cause rubbing, friction, or other problems Wearing shoes that are supportive and comfortable is necessary in treating your bunion.

Apply Kinesiology Tape

Apply kinesiology tape to your feet across the bunion and around your toe to pull your toe back into position. Apply the tape in the morning and reapply the tape again when you come home at the end of the day. Applying the tape daily will help pull your toe back into place. If you feel too much pain in your toe, discontinue using the tape on your foot to prevent injuring your foot any further.

Go To The Podiatrist

Your bunion may have been caused by a number of things, but going to the podiatrist is the best thing you can do to reverse the effects. Your bunion may be too severe that you actually need surgery, but it's up to your podiatrist to make this determination. If you only have a minor bunion, you may be able to reverse the effects at home with treatments instructed by your podiatrist.

If you have a bunion on your foot, don't live with the pain or make it worse by continuing to walk around. Rather, get to a podiatrist for treatment, change your footwear, and use kinesiology tape to help treat your bunion and reverse the protrusion that is causing you so much pain. For more information, contact a podiatrist.