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Why Keeping Your Feet Healthy With Podiatry Foot Care Is Important

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Consider how much stress is placed on your feet each day. Your feet transport you around every day inside and outside your home. It's a wonder that your feet are still there at your beck and call. Sometimes people have foot problems of one kind or another, but they fail to seek foot care. The discomfort you feel in one or both of your feet can get worse if you neglect to seek podiatry care and treatment for your ailing feet.

Why Is Podiatry Foot Care So Important?

You may have suffered a foot injury. You also might have signs and symptoms of very common foot injuries like foot and ankle problems, deformities, spur and arch issues, bunions, ingrown toenails and toe issues, corns, and heal spurs. Podiatrists use scanners or force plates to determine what type of treatment is best for your unique foot problem. The computer scanner allows your podiatrist to determine the treatment plan that suits your needs.

Recognizing Bunion Symptoms

If you have bunions, you'll note that the pain you feel is developing over the bony area of the bunion. The pain particularly escalates due to shoe pressure in that area. The high degree of pain you feel has no bearing on the size of the bunion, because small or large bunions do result in equal pain. A bursa develops in the pain area, and the area becomes red and inflamed.

While the inflammation causes ongoing pressure, shooting pain will begin to navigate its way against the nerve that enters your big toe. When bunion pads are used to reduce pressure, and resting and elevating the foot fails to ease the problem, you might have to undergo a surgical procedure to remove the bunion bump if other treatments fail to solve the problems you experience.

Be Aware Of Diabetic Foot Problems

If your diabetic sugar levels are high, you can develop peripheral neuropathy. Inspect your feet regularly, as you may have decreased sensation in your feet. This prevents you from knowing when you suffer foot injuries that may result in ongoing associated infections.

Have Your Feet Examined Regularly By Your Podiatrist

It's helpful for your health to have your feet inspected regularly by your podiatrist to avoid serious problems. It is important for you to control your blood sugar readings, which can increase nerve damage. Be sure to take your diabetes medication. Take your insulin shots as recommended by your physician, and observe your recommended diet. Go for daily walks, which is good exercise. And be sure to contact a foot care clinic if you experience pain.