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High Arches? 2 Podiatry Treatment Options

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If you have high arches, then you may experience some foot pain at some point in your life. If the pain is keeping you from completing your daily tasks or interfering with work, then you should speak to a podiatrist about the problem. The professional can help to reduce pain by using one of the following techniques:

Custom Orthotics

High arches are often the result of genetics, meaning that you were born with arches that are higher than usual. This means you do not have a specific foot ailment, but the arches can lead to problems anyway. You may see corns forming and bunions are likely since high arches force you to place more pressure on the front areas of the foot. Pain is often the most bothersome issue that you can develop. Thankfully, pain can be reduced by supporting the arch. This helps the fascia and other arch tissues from stretching and tearing as you walk.

Custom orthotics made by a podiatrist are best. These orthotics are made to your exact foot measurement and provide substantial cushioning along the arch where you need the most support. They can also slightly change the way that you walk to help encourage stability. 

Custom orthotics are expensive, but you only need a single set of them. They can be inserted into any pair of shoes and they are easy to move from sneakers to dress shoes depending on what you are wearing.

Tendon Surgery

If arches are high enough, then your mobility might be affected tremendously. In this situation, surgery may be suggested to help your feet function the way they are supposed to. There are a few different surgical approaches that your podiatrist will use. Tendon surgeries are common and involve moving the tendon from one location along the foot to another. This will reduce the tension along the arch that is causing your pain. 

In addition to tendon movements, the fascia that sits along the arch may need to be released. This is something that is necessary if constant pressure along the arch is preventing you from walking. 

Keep in mind that surgical approaches do require healing with the use of casts and boots. And, you may not be able to walk for eight weeks or more. So, surgery is not something to take lightly, but your podiatrist will usually only suggest it if more conservative approaches have failed. 

Podiatrists can offer a variety of treatments for high arches, so speak with a foot doctor to find out more.